Approval is a terrible fuel for dreams

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my friend’s teacher kept saying ‘YOLO’ around the school and then people were like ‘why do u keep saying you only live once’ and he was like ‘oh is that what it means?? i thought it was a mix of ‘yo’ and hello’ and it was just a hip new greeting’

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Beige & white colored pieces (if u look at my Instagram you can tell that’s my signature this summer @velascarves ) — boyfriend styled jeans —- keep your wardrobe layering to a minimal —- thrift shopping for unique oversized tops / cute blouses is the best thing u can do to yourself —- your favorite brand mascara is my #1 go to for beauty cause u never want to ever over due it with makeup •• keep it fresh and clean and the thing that makes a diff is if u have mascara on or not 😄


Heyy!! You’re just the best thank you :) — and you can totally do that ! If you have an interest in fashion enough then you can train your eye for it !!